Maintenance Detail

This detail is designed to top up protection and maintain exterior and interior surfaces in between more intensive treatments.

The entire procedure should typically take around 5 hours (depending on the size of the vehicle being treated).

Prices for this service start from £150.00 depending on choosen wax. 

Included Treatments

  • Snow foam wash.
  • Swissvax wax application.
  • Wheel and glass sealing.
  • Tyre dressing and exhaust tip polishing.
  • Glass cleaning and interior vacuum.

Maintenance Detail Process

Each Maintenance Detail starts with a snow foam wash to safely remove all traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, wheels and door shuts.

Once the car is dry we apply a high quality Swissvax wax to the bodywork. We stock a number of different Swissvax waxes of differing grades so we can match the grade used when your vehicle last received an intensive treatment or you can choose to have a higher grade applied.

When complete we apply a dressing to the tyres, polish the exhaust tips, cleaning the glass and vacuuming the interior.

Why Choose Us

Our Maintenance Detail is the perfect service to top up your vehicles existing protection.

Using our Detailing Services, your vehicle will receive the best possible treatment which includes:

  • Near sterile, purpose built studio.
  • Premium products used.
  • Full guarantee for lifetime of vehicle.
  • Fully trained, fully insured.

We work in purpose built studio which provides a dust free near-sterile environment, essential to attaining the perfect finish.

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