Ultimate Detail

The World of Detailing Ultimate Detail is designed to correct major paint defects and maximise the visual appeal of bodywork.

This service is perfect for poorly maintained vehicles of all ages that have heavy swirl marks and light scratches.

The typical time for this service depends on the amount of correction needed, but in general 20-40 hours again depending on size of vehicle

The price for this service start from £385.00 and also depends on choosen wax.

Included Treatments

  • Snow foam wash.
  • Engine bay wash.
  • Chemical treatment & clay application.
  • Machine Polish correcting major defects.
  • Swissvax wax application.
  • Wheel and glass sealing.
  • Tyre, trim and engine bay dressing.
  • Clean, dress and vacuum the interior.
  • Leather conditioning.

Ultimate Detail Process

With each Ultimate Detail, we start out by using Snow Foam to clean the vehicle then the engine bay is washed.

We then chemically treat and clay the paint and exterior glass to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as tar spots and tree sap.

Once the car is dry the bodywork is carefully polished by machine using various grades of cutting compounds and ultra fine finishing polishes in order to correct major paint defects and maximise surface gloss in readiness for protection.

A high quality Swissvax Wax is then applied to the bodywork, which adds valuable protection against the elements for up to six to eight months at a time.

We stock a number of different Swissvax waxes of differing grades should you wish to have a higher quality wax applied.

We then complete the exterior detail by sealing the wheels and glass, dressing the tyres, trims and engine bay as well as polishing the exhaust tips.

Finally, we clean, dress and vacuum the interior and condition any leather present.

Why Choose Us

Our Ultimate Detail builds upon our other detailing services to provide a top quality all-inclusive service.

Using our Detailing Services, you can rest assured you'll get:

  • Near sterile, purpose built studio.
  • Premium products used.
  • Full guarantee for lifetime of vehicle.
  • Fully trained, fully insured.

We work in purpose built studio which provides a dust free near-sterile environment, essential to attaining the perfect finish.

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